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Dominion Citrus Income Fund is a diversified food company that provides an integrated suite of services for fresh produce including: finance, reporting and insurance; procurement; international logistics; ripening; sorting and grading; packaging and re-packing; distribution and transportation; and market solutions. We provide these services to over 400 customers in retail, foodservice and food distribution in major city centers across Ontario and Quebec. Dominion Citrus is made up of the following businesses:

Les Aliments Dominion Citrus Limitee (Bo-Fruits)
A Quebec City based distributor of fresh produce acquired in February 2004 (as Distribution Bo-Fruits Inc.), providing geographic and customer base diversification in the Quebec marketplace. It operates two divisions - Dominion Citrus Quebec and Distribution Bo-Fruits. With our beachhead into Quebec, we help companies on both sides of the provincial border build and expand participation into new geographic territories.

Dominion Citrus Distribution
Dominion Citrus’ largest division, Dominion Citrus Wholesale began operations in 1935. Operating out of the Ontario Food Terminal in Toronto, it imports fresh fruits and vegetables from around the world and distributes to customers primarily in Ontario and Quebec.

Dominion Farm Produce Limited
Since 1956, Dominion Farm Produce Limited has been operating in Bradford, Ontario. It packages, markets and distributes fresh produce from the Holland Marsh under the “Country Fresh™” brand, as well as other private label packaging. Dominion Farms’ customers include most national supermarket chains, as well as a number of independent food retailers.

Country Fresh Packaging
Country Fresh Packaging provides value-added services including grading, bagging, colour sorting, packaging and storage for retail and food service customers. It has been in operation since 1976.

Meschino Banana Company
Established in 1920, the Meschino Banana Company currently operates in Toronto, Ontario. It imports, ripens, monitors and controls the maturation of bananas and plantains for retail and food service customers in Ontario.

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