Country Fresh Packaging

Dominion Citrus is proud to offer and promote our unique "Country Fresh" brand.  We offer quality tomatoes, clementines, oranges, lemons, peppers and more. Through this brand our Dominion Farm division offers onions, carrots, parsnips, and red beets.  We have happily done so since 1976.  The brand premium is further enhanced by our BRC certification and grade A ranking.

Services Our Brand Offers

With food safety as our top priority, we offer a wide variety of services including but not limited to* grading, bagging, colour sorting, packaging and storage of produce.  Competing brands often experience produce spoilage due to rough handling but with the Country Fresh gentle-cup system, we are able to both minimize food waste and prolong the shelf life of our fruits and vegetables. 


*The complete list of our Country Fresh Services:

Tomato rolling

Manual re grading

Automatic re grading

Different types of packaging such as: mesh bags, wrapped trays, clamshells, etc...

Washing and sanitizing produce

Corn packaging

Lidding film with pre made containers

Cold storage

Cross dock

Pallet cut-down


Repacking boxes

Waste disposal

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Tel: (416) 252-5801