From the Field to Your Table

Producing and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables isn't the only thing we want to share; at Dominion Citrus we believe in the unparalleled value of a quality home-cooked meal.  What better way to make a quality meal than with top quality produce?  Here we have provided a few team favourites using our own Country Fresh produce for you to try at home.  

We also believe in the power of communication--so if you have a favourite recipe that you think fits in with DC and Country Fresh, send it to us!  Just send us a picture of the meal, how you made it, and a short description of yourself, your family, or what you love about the food. You can write to us on facebook or through our website on the contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Feijoa Pork Chops (Made with Pineapple Guava)

    Pineapple guava is the sweeter, more acidic cousin of the common guava. It is used in this dish for its unusual aromatic flavours.

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  • Grilled/Roasted Onions

    If you want something simple, savory, and sure to impress, look no further!

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