Fruit Salad with Chocolate Sauce (Made with Dragon Fruit)


For the chocolate sauce:

-25g/10z unsalted butter

-2 tbsp cocoa powder

-50g/1.75oz caster sugar

-100ml/3.5fl oz double cream

For the fruit salad:

-1/2 mango, peeled, stone removed, and cubed

-1/2 yellow pitahaya (dragon fruit) peeled and cubed

-1 tbsp roughly chopped fresh mint leaves

How to Make

To make the chocolate sauce, melt the better in a frying pan over medium heat.  Add the cocoa powder and caster sugar then mix together.  Add the double cream and stir until smooth.  

To make the fruit salad, place the fruit into a bowl and mix together with the mint leaves.  To serve, place the fruit salad into a bowl and drizzle the chocolate sauce on top.